Today we did a group manifesto experiment where we took turns writing one sentence for each other’s manifestos using our capstone topics. We ended up with both a nonsense manifesto and one that describes our topic- mine being music consumption and relationships. Pictured below is my manifesto as a visual piece of information, which we took from this class exploration.VisualManifesto

We also came up with a list of design studios that 1) we will actually apply to and 2) we would still enjoy working at. Here are mine:

SPOTIFY in London as a designer. Working somewhere with the combination of design (mainly UX, but anything else they put out) and music would be my dream job.
KITCHEN SINK STUDIOS in Phoenix. I’d love to end up in Phoenix and Kitchen Sink has a variety of awesome work that I would enjoy being a part of in a city that I already love.
HOVERCRAFT STUDIO in Portland. Portland is another place I could see myself at, and Hovercraft has some of the most interesting work I have seen at a small studio. They do a lot that I’m particularly interested in too, like editorial design and illustration. I’ve also wanted to buy a poster print from them for like a year now.
COMPLEX MAGAZINE would also be a very cool publication to work for. It’s a super creative combination of design, journalism, fashion and music and I would love to work at either the NY or LA offices. This would also give me more creative freedom than Kinfolk, I think.
PIXAR STUDIOS in Emeryville, CA. I’ve always loved Pixar films and animation was one of the first aspects of graphic design that drew me towards the profession.
KINFOLK MAGAZINE as an editorial designer in the Portland office. I like editorial design, and Kinfolk is such a beautiful publication that I would love the experience of working here (especially in Portland).
NIKE as a designer in Portland. Sports are outside of my comfort zone, which could be interesting; but Nike’s design team does some hands down super cool work. Of course, Portland is a huge draw as well.

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