Week 1 of 471 included missing the first ever class meeting, although I was in Arizona and I am NOT complaining. Upon returning to the frozen wasteland that is Ames, Iowa, I jumped right into Thursday’s class, which dealt with personal manifestos + capstone topic brainstorming. We also developed a list for our portfolio and what we hope to accomplish with revamping it within the following weeks.

The following is the manifesto that I came up with during the first week of class.

I am a creative. I am an illustrator, a thinker, a maker. I am also a person, trying to understand other people, our places in the world, and how design can play a role in this exploration.
I believe in getting outside your comfort zone any chance you get. Any experience, good or bad, is an experience- so don’t be afraid to go for it. Fear is the best motivation. Hold yourself accountable.
Design should not only just make something look good, it should do good. So design with purpose; design to make a difference or even a reaction that will cause it. Technology, design, different ways of thinking are all instrumental in creating change, whether it’s good or bad- so be aware of what you are putting out into the world. Also: be funny, be nice, be prepared. It’ll take you a lot farther than if you are petty, cruel or negative.
Don’t forget to put yourself into your work. Make it your own and stay true to yourself and your ideas; it is, after all, your work and your life.

From this manifesto, we had to develop a poster visualizing our personal manifesto.


We also brainstormed topics for our capstone project. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to explore something within the realm of music….very broad, but I began to ask myself what specifically about the topic of music I wanted to explore, and came up with these questions.

  1. How does digital technology change the music listening experience?
  2. How do different methods of music consumption create different social relationships (i.e. music festivals vs. online streaming)?
  3. Artist vs. consumer perspective of the music industry

This will serve as a launchpad for future research. I’ve also compiled a list of articles that helped me focus the direction of my topic:


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